Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food & Garden Update

Most dinners in June involve some combination of greens from the garden, local veggies and/or fruit, and grains. The grain here is farro, grown not too far away by Cayuga Pure Organics, and available at Abundance Coop or online here.  That chicken-looking stuff is Gardein chik'n scallopini (vegan).  Most of our dinners are eaten outside these days; they are just waiting for us on the porch here in this picture!

We have had a LOT of rain (thought obviously not as much as other parts of the country) and cool temperatures, so things are growing quite well.  Including the weeds, but I left those out of the pictures!

For the first year, my carrots are very happy.  I already thinned them once, and I should probably do so again, but I have a hard time pulling up living things (unless, of course, they are inedible).

Perhaps from this picture, you can understand why we are eating salads for dinner every night!

Well, salads or something grilled, pizza, in this case.  I follow the directions from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes' web site.

One final salad for today.  This one with mint and greens from the garden, and peas and mulberries from the farmers' market.  Yum!

More garden pictures here.

What are you eating from your garden and local farms?


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