Monday, May 9, 2011

Remaining intentional

Traveling outside of my usual environs often provides me with a perspective I can't get in my everyday routine.  Sometimes it's a perspective on some problem or situation that's been troubling me, sometimes it's creative inspiration, sometimes it's a re-evaluation of that everyday routine. On a recent trip to Toronto, I got some perspective in all those areas.  For example, Toronto's a great place to be reminded of the fun of bike commuting.  Rochester's cold and rainy April has not inspired me to get on my bike as much I would like.

In particular, though, I realized that my food choices have become less intentional than they used to be.  I have been vegetarian for about 17 years now, much of that time vegan.  Then I began to feel uncomfortable calling myself vegan, because, really, it's impossible in our interconnected lives to be truly vegan, I believe.  Also, learning about local and sustainable food systems has led me to believe that meat and dairy can be humanely raised and in some situations may be the most sustainable option.  So, I have added locally-raised goat's milk yogurt and cheese, as well as butter.  However, some other much less local and nutritious items crept in, such as SunDrops in my trail mix.

Even before this trip, I had been toying with the idea of re-veganizing my diet.  And the amazing food I had on this trip sealed the deal (above, vegan "chicken" cutlets with mango and asparagus).  So, I am committing myself to eating vegan from now until July 4.  After that, maybe I'll add a few things back in.  Maybe not.  I'll try to blog/tweet about the adventure along the way.

In other news, though not unrelated to being intentional, check out these beautiful silk embroideries on display at the Textile Museum of Canada.  Millions of stitches in these textiles, all by hand.

It was a wonderful weekend away to celebrate my birthday and the end of the semester, and enjoy some much-needed time together.

And be reminded of what really matters.


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