Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finding beauty

Hello, dear HandCraftedLife.  You were my first blog, and I do still care for you.  It is true that I have been distracted by various other online and social media sites.  But I still return to you when I want to be reminded of the beauty in life.

These pictures are from Lamberton Conservatory at Highland Park, and show that although it is still cold out, the plants and animal are responding to the lengthening days of spring.

And another place for beauty is the The Albright Knox Art Gallery. These pictures are from the current exhibit "Surveyor."

Since I began this blog, I have become a Ph.D. student, along with maintaining my full-time job and a couple of part-time jobs here and there.  I'm loving what I'm doing, but most of my writing energy is going into my professional life right now.  I will still post here when I can, and I hope some of you are still following me!

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Let's keep in touch.


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