Sunday, November 21, 2010

When mushrooms take over the world

I recently took a 4-day business trip. When I left, there was only one little mushroom peeking through, about the size of those at the bottom of the picture, from my white button mushroom kit from Territorial Seeds.

When I returned, I feared that little white mushroom, now about a half pound, would take over my kitchen if not promptly dealt with. So, I obliged and sacrificed it to the saute pan, along with onion, garlic, pepper, herbs, and tomatoes, to go along with some spinach garlic pasta.

If you haven't tried a mushroom kit, I recommend them! They only require daily spritzing with a little water, and, as you can see, the yield is quite satisfying.

Just don't leave the mushrooms alone in the house for any length of time. I think they may grow to fill the kitchen otherwise.

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