Saturday, September 4, 2010

Me and the beanstalk

I was a bit bean-crazy in the garden this spring. The newest wonders are the violet podded stringless, again, from Territorial Seeds. These were 15 inches long, and still taste good.

I have beans growing in various places, but this is my main support for pole beans. Do you notice that orange string going out from the left side of the photo?

I had to tie it to the fence to support it, after the 40 mph wind gusts blew it over today. Fall may be coming to put an end to all this growing, but for now, I still have tomatoes, beans, potatoes, herbs, tomatilloes, and Swiss chard going strong. I have rutabagas just coming up for the fall, and plan to put in some more beans, lettuce, and peas before the gardening season winds down.

After a while, however, 2 beans of pounds per week gets to be a lot of beans. Fortunately, I found this recipe to give me a new way to eat them. It's got Indian-inspired spices, and with a little more tofu, makes a great one-pan quick entree. I also used chevre instead of creme fraiche.

I would love more bean recipes, if anyone can point me towards some!


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