Monday, July 26, 2010

Late season garden

Perhaps you're thinking that's not a very impressive picture. But consider that a mere hour and a half before, that ground looked something like this:

Actually, even that picture was after about 20 minutes of weeding. I forgot to get a true "before" picture. This is a community garden plot that I and others have tended (or not) for the past three years. This year, there was some delay in getting it started, partly due to the fact that the building behind it was scheduled for demolition. As you can see, it's still standing, along with the painted "telegraph office" announcement that probably looked funky at one point in time.

I was so impressed by the mullein that I had to leave it standing as well. Anyway, then there was a misunderstanding about whether another party wanted the plot, and several weeks later, at the end of July, feeling guilt-ridden at its unsightliness and unable to let a little piece of land on which I could grow MORE vegetables go to waste, I cleared the plot and re-planted.

I have no idea whether it will produce or not. I mixed in quite a bit of compost and planted mustard and turnips, which should be fine, as those are supposed to be good for fall harvesting. I also planted some beans with short growing seasons (55-60 days). I have no idea if they will do well or not, but at least it's better than the overgrowth of weeds.

Someone planted daylilies somewhere along the way, so this is what it looked like when I left. Mullein is supposed to be a good dye plant, so maybe I'll grab some of my natural-color yarn and give it a shot!

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