Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY canning labels

Half the time, my preserves, jams, and pickles wind up sitting on the dining room table for weeks, simply waiting for me to stick labels on them. More often than not, I've run out of the store-bought labels and it takes me that long to get to the store.

But thanks to a tip from the HomeGrown community, as long as I have a package of sticker paper for my printer, I can get more labels any time I need them.

Shown above are labels from Homegrown as well as A Sonoma Garden. And here's another idea which uses card stock instead of sticky labels.

Oh, and that super neat hand-writing. Not mine. These jars a joint effort with me and T.; I pick and/or purchase the fruit, chop/hull it, make the jam, process the jars in a water bath, and print out the stickers. She writes the label, much more neatly than I ever could. Sounds like a good deal, yes?

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