Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A perfect meal

Last Saturday, T. and I sat down to a perfect meal. Here are the ingredients:
  • lemon parsley mafaldine from Artistic Eats NY, available at the Rochester Public Market, mixed with lemon juice, my own fresh parsley, capers, and extra virgin olive oil and just a bit of grated Pantaleo cheese (like Pecorino, but with sheep's milk) from V.M. Giordano's at the Market;
  • grilled ricotta salata, also from Giordano's, drizzled with agave nectar (you could also use honey);
  • all on a bed of fresh salad greens from my garden;
  • also, fresh strawberries from my garden;
  • a shared bottle of Chimay ale.
Fantastic! Seriously, I should open a restaurant. Except then I'd have no time for gardening!

I also brought in a bundle of oregano and mint to dry, and the last batch of pac choi for now, ready to bolt with our early warm weather.

I love gardening season!

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