Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting an early start

It's about time to check in with the veggie garden, don't you think? I get such joy from growing my own food, and each year I feel like I get a little better at it. I'm so excited that we've already been eating several meals from the garden this year!

We've had a very early spring here, which means I planted seeds of lettuce, kale, tat soi, pac choi, and Swiss chard in early March. For a couple of weeks now we've been eating several salads a week.

This is a bed of micro greens from Territorial Seeds, which is my favorite seed company. In fact, they're a little bigger that intended; they really can be harvested after 2-3 weeks.

I planted the Swiss chard at the top of this picture last fall, covered it with straw, and left it alone until early March. (I did the same with the kale in the picture below.) After I uncovered it, it grew quickly. And in front of the chard is red mustard, also from Territorial Seeds, which grew quite fast as well. It's good in salads when small, or as a cooking green when a bit larger.

I've also planted peas, which are a few inches high, broccoli, and carrots. The carrots don't seem to have germinated well, and in fact, I've never successfully grown carrots. Don't know if it's me or my soil. Otherwise, though, the gardening season is off to a good start.

In the next post I'll brag about my perennial beds! It's that time of the year, after all!

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Kathryn J said...

Very impressive! It all looks delicious. Perhaps I'll try the wintering over trick this fall.


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