Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chicken psychology and other important news

Let's start off with a pretty picture. This is a bloom from the dwarf peach tree we put in last Easter. I am so excited! All of our fruit trees have blossomed (a bit early, which I hope won't be a problem), and I hope we will get a little bit of fruit this year. It's supposed to take 2-3 years before they really start producing.

As for the chickens, we have put up fencing to keep them out of the perennial beds. However, we have learned that two fences are better than one. You can see that there is a tall fence just in front of them. When we just had that fence up, they were constantly trying to squeeze through or fly/jump over. Coincidentally, we noticed that there were a lot more weeds in the section outside the fence. Wanting them to take care of some of the weeds closer to the beds, we put up a shorter fence that we happened to have in the garage, and made a little opening for them to get through. Now that they can get through one fence, they have very little interest in getting through the second. I am very fond of the girls, but I can't say that they're exactly the brightest!

Last fall, I planted collards and turnips and covered them with straw. Now that the spring weather is here, they are growing strong! You can also see some seedlings that I planted about a month ago.

I also planted this bed with micro-greens, and they are growing quickly in this beautiful spring we're having in the Northeast. (Yes, I need to thin both beds soon, which is always painful for me to do.)

I'm excited for more garden and chicken adventures as the weather warms up!

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Jason Crane said...

Your chicken fencing plan is exactly how our government works.


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