Sunday, January 10, 2010


These are two recent eggs from our girls. As you might remember, one of our three chickens, Sarah, has a hernia. So, she doesn't lay much. Every once in a while we'll find an egg with a very thin shell which we think is hers. But she seems happy and healthy otherwise.

The light blue one is from Ella, who is an Aracauna. She has been our most consistent layer, and her eggs are certainly beautiful. They also have the most golden yolk.

But would you look at that brown egg?? That's from Bessie, a Barred Rock who's a bit younger than the others. Ever since the solstice, she has been laying consistently, and the eggs keep getting bigger and bigger. Ella's egg is probably the size of a large, if you were buying it in the store. Bessie's is at least jumbo size. It wouldn't even fit in any of our egg cartons!

It's been frigid here (for us, anyway...temperatures in the single digits with wind chills lower) and snowy. People always ask us how the girls do in the winter. Obviously, just fine!

As the days lengthen, their laying is becoming more regular, back to almost daily. With more people to feed (kids home from college) during the darkest time of the year, I had to buy eggs twice at the store this past month. Hopefully I won't have to now that the light is returning.


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