Thursday, January 28, 2010

Exciting news!

I am excited to have been chosen by sew green as a contributor!

If you've found me through sew green, please look around, check out the archives, and let me know what you're interested in reading more about, both here and over at the sew green blog.

If you haven't checked out sew green, I encourage you to do so. As it says on their call for contributors, the sew green bloggers "post on a wide range of topics, from knitting green, to cosmetic info, to DIY laundry soap and pads, to sustainable agriculture book reviews, to green building/architecture, to tales of chicken keeping, to responsible and fun gift ideas, to cloth diapers. As none of us are necessarily experts on all things green, we aim to share here what we are learning and what we are doing in our own lives to live more responsibly. We are a crafty-artist-designer bunch, hence the name of our blog."

I have no time to blog right now, but I can't wait to jump aboard!


Heather said...

Congrats! I used to read Sew Green but stopped somehow, so this is a good re-introduction.

短裙 said...

人生的「三部曲」應該是無愧的昨天,充實的今天,與充滿希望的明天。 ....................................................


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