Monday, December 7, 2009

Fresh salad in December

Just popping in to show off my garden success! This weekend we had 2 big platefuls of greens--arugula and baby lettuce. I added some apples, which we have in abundance, along with some local cheese and toasted hazelnuts.

I've covered the garden beds with straw, and it looks like my collards, Swiss chard, turnips, and broccoli will last at least a little while longer. I cut most of the arugula, but I've read that it's pretty cold-hardy as well, so perhaps I will get another harvest.

I also covered my tiny spinach seedlings, in hopes that it will overwinter and I will have spinach in the spring.

I am grateful that I don't have to rely on my garden for subsistence, because I know it would be a ton of work. And I am grateful that I can rely on my garden for some of my food, to remind me to be grateful for those who produce most of the food I eat. And because food grown just outside my back door tastes amazing!

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Nahoko said...

That looks so good. Will need to get winter gardening closing the beds/prepping for next year tips from you.


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