Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden update

So, the picture above shows the vegetable garden beds at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. See how tidy and orderly they are?

Well, this is what MY garden beds look like...

Those beds are a mixture of peas, green beans, lettuce, greens, and volunteer sunflowers and tomatoes from last year's garden. Kind of untidy and wacky, but extremely productive...I think the garden reflects the gardener.

The beans are just starting...

The black raspberries are over.

As are the peas.

But so far, I have hardly had to buy veggies from the market...I've had tons of greens and peas, and the green beans are becoming very productive now. Plus lots of fresh herbs, some Jerusalem artichokes, and brand new potatoes...not to mention eggs!

There is something to be said for messiness.


Green said...

Your garden is looking beautiful. Thanks for the updates!



Melissa said...

Your garden looks great!! Way better then mine. I am moving this month so I have been ignoring it a bit. Depressed that I have to leave my yummy veggies behind.

Heather said...

Your garden looks abundant and thriving. Isn't eating your own veggies and fruit fantastic?


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