Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dogs on bikes

When T. and I go on vacations, we always take Zoe (pictured above). We also always want to get out on our bikes. This presents a problem, because it is always too hot to leave her in our car, and the other campers wouldn't appreciate our leaving her in our tent. We know that she would bark the whole time. Our previous solution has been doggie day care. but this year, I finally convinced her that we should get a doggie bike basket. If you want to bring your canine companion with you, this is a good solution for a small dog. (Zoe weighs 8 pounds.)

T. had her handlebars shortened in order to fit her better, so the basket only fits on my bike. It really didn't slow me down much at all and I kept up with her pretty well, especially surprising since she's generally faster than me. Zoe was unsure about it at first, but seemed to settle in pretty quickly.

So far, I've only taken it on bike trails and side streets. I would be hesitant to bike on a busy and/or hilly road with it, because the extra weight on the bars takes some getting used to, and I felt like it slowed my reaction time.

A great bonus is that it seems impossible for another rider to pass without smiling and saying, "Aawwwwww," with the inflection rising at the end.

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