Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting excited about the harvest

It may only be June 4, but tonight's picking of a full bunch of radishes has me psyched! Last year I tried to keep track of my harvest, listed below. As you can see, we had a lot of peas and tomatoes!

I don't think I'm going to do such a detailed catalog this year, but I will tell you that so far, I've harvested several radishes, some baby lettuce, 2 bunches of rhubarb,2 bunches of chives, several onions, and sprigs here and there of dill, oregano, mint, and lemon balm.

I'm also really happy to have found a source for local organic grains. I picked up my first order tonight from Small World Bakery at the South Wedge Farmers' Market .

I love market/garden season!

Harvest 2008

Basil (3 lb.)
Collards (5 lb.)
Cucumbers (15 oz.)
Dill (6 oz.)
Green beans (4 lb., 2 oz.)
Jerusalem artichokes (5 lbs.)
Lemon balm (1 lb 6 oz.)
Lemon verbena (6 oz.)
Lettuce (3 lbs, 10 oz.)
Mint (3 lbs., 14 oz.)
Mustard greens (4 lbs.)
Nasturtium (1 lb. 6 oz.)
Oregano (2 lb., 1 oz.)
Parsley (1 lb. 10 oz.)
Peas (5 lbs.)
Peppers (2 oz.)
Sage (12 oz.)
Shadberries-foraged (1 lb., 4 oz.)
(1 oz.)
Strawberries (4 lbs.)
Swiss chard (3 lb., 3 oz.)
Tomatoes (62 lb., 11 oz.)

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