Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Container queen (and an asparagus recipe)

Over Memorial Day weekend, T. and I took a picnic and hike at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area. Although this particular view was nice, the hiking overall was so-so, with poorly marked trails and a lack of biodiversity.

Our picnic, that's another story. The context of this is that I have a weakness for containers. I can be pretty non-consumeristic, but it is hard for me to resist the newest and prettiest knitting bag/travel coffee mug/bike panniers/storage bins, etc. So, for Christmas, T. got me this...

Untie the bow, and you have your placemats and napkins (and yes, it's intentional that even the water bottle matches...water bottles are containers, too, you know, and I must have the perfect one for each occasion.)

Remove the carrying bag, and you have four tiers of dishes for your picnic food, and the lid for each tier can also be used as a plate. You can also see the silverware in the picture above...there's a set on each side.

Remove one of the lids and you have this...

Well, you have to make your own. Adapted from this recipe, it is simply steamed asparagus (locally grown of course), teeny radishes and herbs from my garden, and John Robbins' tahini dressing from May All Be Fed. Yum!

(You can buy your own cool picnic or lunch container here.)

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Kathryn J said...

I also have a weakness for containers but my favorite part of the post was the view. I haven't been down to Harriet Hollister in years and that is clearly an oversight that needs to be corrected.


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