Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nice day for a bike ride

Nice Day for a Bike Ride
(In 4 parts)

Ride to work
First day in the seat since my whiplash injury.
A few aches, but I'm feeling okay.

Ride home
Three teenage guys are blocking the path.
Two move, but one stays square in the middle and looks me right in the eyes.
I know a challenge when I see one,
and I'm not in the mood for it.
There's room for me to pass, but barely.
As I pass, I sarcastically say, "thanks for moving."
Not really smart.
But ignoring men who harass me gets old.
The guy mocks me, "thanks for moving."
On a good day, I figure I can out-bike someone who's bikeless.
But my first day in the seat, with an achy back, is not really my best day.
I'm a little concerned they'll take chase.
I look in my rear view mirror. No sign of them.
I hear "Fuck you!" yelled at my back.
I want to flip them off, but I refrain.

I start to fume, reflecting on every rude act I've experienced or heard about over the past few weeks.
I'm pretty sure that the phrase, "Kids these days," pops in my head.

As I near my home, I see a boy on his bike, meandering along the sidewalk.
He cheerfully yells out, "Hello!"
I say hello, though not so cheerfully.
Undaunted, he says, "Nice day for a bike ride!"
Smiling now, I say, "Yes, it is!"

Ride to yoga class
Feeling stronger now.
I come upon a couple of young boys on their bikes.
One says hello.
The other rides up alongside me.
I say, "are you gonna race me?"
He smiles and starts pedaling.
I shift my gears and start to pull ahead.
He says, "Oh, you've got gears, that's why you're faster."
I smile and keep moving.

Ride home
Sounds of the neighborhood as I pass by.

Yep, nice day for a bike ride.


mel said...

No words, but I love this. Thanks for sharing it.

Darling Daughter said...

"As I pass, I sarcastically say, 'thanks for moving.'"

That is SO something i would say. Like mother, like daughter.


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