Sunday, April 12, 2009

Practicing resurrection

(I wrote this post yesterday, the day before Easter, but wasn't sure whether to post it. Then I went to church today. I've taken the title of today's post from the title of Kaaren Anderson's sermon. I'll post the link to that sermon when it's up. Meanwhile, here's my practice of resurrection for today.)

While some people are celebrating Passover, and others Easter, me...I'm celebrating the return of Spring and the belief in new beginnings.

Today I prepared this year's garden beds, and I planted peas, lettuce, radishes, dill, Swiss chard, and spinach.

I also learned about a tragedy that has happened to a former friend of mine. Now, I don't have many "former friends." There are people I've lost touch with out of neglect, but whenever we reconnect, each is wholeheartedly welcomed back into the other's life.

But this person...I still can't really make sense of what happened. Although I don't imagine we could be friends again, in many ways I miss her deeply. When I learned of her tragedy, one with which I can deeply empathize, I felt such sadness.

For all of us who are mending the holes patched over from disappointment, betrayal, loss, I wish for the belief in new beginnings.

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Simone Brewer said...

Amen, Julie. Your friend is in my prayers and so is the possibility for your reconciliation with her. To new beginnings!


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