Monday, April 13, 2009

Gardening in a small space

A friend asked about those garden beds in my previous post. They are made of recycled black plastic, available here.

I live in an urban area, and the only sunny area is on my driveway. I tried to convince T. that we should get rid of it and plant grass, but she was NOT having that. So, this is our compromise. Seriously, they work great. You can see from my sidebar how much I harvested last year. I expect to do even better this year, as I've gotten an earlier start, plus every year I learn a little more.

In a couple of weeks I will interplant more veggies in those same beds. I garden very intensively, which means that the plants are very close together. Our compost, enriched with chicken manure, should provide more than enough nutrients. In addition to being able to plant more stuff, planting closely together means I don't have to mulch. I just pick out the occasional weed. Weeding is minimal once the plants are established.

The circular thing is a strawberry pyramid (although I can’t remember where I initially bought it). My berries did very well last year, and once they are done producing, I usually plant some small pepper plants, beneficial flowers, etc...whatever is left over from my spring garden shopping splurge.

Speaking of which...boy, did I splurge and more to come, once they're actually planted. Let's just say that in a couple of years I hope to have a miniature fruit orchard to add to our urban homestead!


ZenCrafter said...

I admire how you've made the most of your space. And, unlike us in our half-suburb, half-woods, you don't have to worry about deer nibbling your young sprouts! I'm slowly working up the energy to plant a garden (weeding out the garlic mustard now), and your blog is a real inspiration. Thank you for the glorious Resurrection flower!

Tracy said...

I'm impressed with your gardening and your chickens!


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