Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More winter survival tips

This one is easy for those of us in Rochester...Lamberton Conservatory at Highland Park. They keep it so warm that I always make sure to wear layers, because I will get too hot in my usual wool sweater. I love going there to read, knit, and even nap (though I'm not sure how the other visitors feel about that...it's hard not to fall asleep when it's so incredibly warm.)

Surely there is some place where you live where you can have contact with real live blooming plants!


Heather said...

Gorgeous flowers. Funny, somehow I didn't twig to the fact you live in Rochester. i spent two winters in Kingston, on the other side of the lake from you. You are not exaggerating the grayness of winter in the at neck of the woods!

Melissa said...

Those flowers are so beautiful! I think I am a little bit spoiled in California. I was whining about a little rain earlier but it was still above 40F!


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