Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gray and more gray

This picture of a remnant of the railway that is now Lehigh Valley Park was supposed to look like the one below, but I rather like the blurred image.

Around here, many have taken to complaining about the weather. It's true, it's been colder than usual, and there's not a lot of sun right now. I had to adjust the exposure on these pictures to keep them from being even more monotone and gray.

But in the light of bad economic news for many and fighting in the Middle East, I've taken a private oath not to complain about these things, because first, I can't control them, and second, I can live with them. (I am aware that some people who deal with SAD can't say the same, and to them I recommend...get a Happy Light, get tested for vitamin D deficiency, try acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Fortunately, these have all had a major impact for T., who used to routinely get SAD in the winter).

And third, complaining about cold and gray weather strikes me as a privilege. If my neighborhood were being bombed, or I had lost my sole means of supporting my family, then I could complain. Instead, I'll cross country ski and try to think of ways to do some little part in healing this world. Any ideas?

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mel said...

You make me believe that I could live up north again. ;) Ok, seriously now, thank you. Great post. I have had this feeling so much - I am so incredibly fortunate and really don't deserve half of it. Tad and I don't know what to do, and so we are making an effort to live more modestly out of respect for the fact that so many people are doing so without a choice in the matter (not to mention the fact that things can and do change on a dime). As for bigger things, I am at a huge loss and am open to suggestion as well. I did love Ruth's (Knitting on Impulse) take on promoting peace in small ways (her new years post). Looking forward to tomorrow - not in hopes that Obama will magically fix all the world's problems, I know that isn't possible - but with hope that we can all move forward and find ways together to improve our situation worldwide and here in the states.


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