Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still harvesting

Well, the chickens STILL haven't given us any eggs, and word is that if they haven't started laying by now, they probably won't until Spring. Fortunately, it's been a very long garden season. If you look over at my Harvest 2008 sidebar, you'll see what the harvest has been so far. The tomatoes were particularly impressive, if I do say so myself. The picture above shows collards, mustard greens, parsley, nasturtium, and calendula, all harvested this past weekend.

And below are some Jerusalem artichokes, also known as sunchokes. They become very tall and look like sunflowers, blooming in the late summer. After the first frost, they are good for digging up and serving raw, steamed, sauteed, or cooked in soup. I made a bisque (from Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven) from them, and it was really quite good. Don't be discouraged by their unappealing appearance; they clean up quite easily and are very tasty!

In my introductory post to this blog, I wrote that, "Although I now knit, sew (a little), grow some of my own food, can/dry/preserve food for the winter, and bike commute to work most days, I did not begin like that. I also live in an urban setting with a tiny backyard, not a typical back-to-the land homestead."

Part of my purpose in keeping this blog is to share triumph and trials in my own attempts to live sustainably. Let me tell you, collards, mustard greens, and nasturtiums are among my biggest triumphs! Not a lot of plants will keep going through mid-November!

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Tracy said...

Huh, I've never had a Jerusalem artichoke. Something on my "to try" list for sure!

We had visiting chickens at Wickham Farms this year and I really liked them. They got out of their pen and I had to retrieve them and found them to be so soft and gentle. I'm curious to hear how it goes with yours. I'm curious about the idea.


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