Saturday, November 29, 2008

Something new

I've been wanting to try my hand at collage for some time, inspired in part by all the artists in my circle. But two-dimensional art feels way out of my league, and my drawing ability is the artistic equivalent of a tin ear. Collage felt like it might be a good medium for me to dip my toes into non-fiber art. T. has also been wanting to try it, so last Christmas I got her a collage kit, and we agreed we'd sit down together for our first go at it.

Finally, yesterday, we sat down and did it. I worked on a few pieces, but this bird is my favorite.

I think I'll be exploring birds for a while. (Even I can even handle drawing a rough outline of their shape!)


Jason said...

Very cool! Where did you get the collage kit?

Heather said...

What a great bird! I agree, collage is an ideal medium to use if drawing or painting seem a little much to get into.

Julie said...

Thanks, Heather and Jason! For the collage kit, I just put together some supplies--mod podge, glue, gesso, markers, and fun paper. Between the two of us, we already have tons of art/craft materials in the house!


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