Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is anyone out there?

I think this is the longest I have ever gone without posting...the combination of work and full-time graduate school has totally thrown my whole routine off.  Something had to give, and unfortunately, it was blogging!

I feel like things are a bit more under control now, especially since I've set up a more efficient work space (not an easy feat in a 1,400 square foot with no separate room for an office). Somehow just getting visually organized clears space mentally and helps me get more done. So, I promise to do better, even if the posts are shorter...I hope I still have some readers out there.

Meanwhile, how about some non-work/research/teaching related updates?  I could sure use the diversion.

Perhaps we should start with the picture above?  Remember Billie #1? And then there was Billie #2? Billie # 2 turned out to be...yep, another rooster!  I was putting my bike safely away last weekend when I heard an odd noise.  I turned to T. and said, "what was that noise?"  "Um, I think it was a crow," she replied.  Then it came typical a cock-a-doodle-doo as you could hope to hear.  She (he) did it several times in a row.  I ran to my next door neighbor's houses to let them know, so that they knew that WE knew, and were going to deal with it.  I think they were almost as sad as we were to see Billie go, but we all agreed that waking up at 5 am wasn't really what we wanted to do every day.

So, Billie #2 went back to the farm with Billie #1.  I expect they'll spend their days bossing hens around and live a good life.  And we came home with that cutie above, Bessie (no more Billie's/Billy's around here!).  She's an 8-week old Barred Rock.  Apparently they're much easier to distinguish the boys from the girls.  Let's hope so, anyway...

The picture above is from a camping trip in mid-September, in the Finger Lakes National Forest. A truly serene and relaxing spot.

Here are some pictures from the summer's family kayaking trip, right before DS went back to college.  I'm so glad they've both grown up to really enjoy being outside.

And that is what a high school senior looks like, on the Friday of Senior Week, complete with "war paint."  Oh, my.

Those are the I said, more to come!

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Meg said...

Still here. Still enjoying the chicken stories. Hmm, 2 roosters? Probably a good thing you went with Bessie this time. :)


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