Friday, September 12, 2008

Almost grown

Billie 2 is a full part of the chicken family. Isn't that quite the face?

I don't always hand feed them, but most every day they get leftover ends from tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, corn, and melons. They were walking all over me this day, and they kept pecking at a spot on my knee. I must have spilled something there!

And by the way, we'll be putting up more fencing soon to give them some room to roam around the yard.

This is Ella, who looks to me like a hawk. When she gets angry, those golden feathers around her neck fluff out like a lion's mane.

And this is Sarah, who is undoubtedly queen of the roost. Is she not the epitome of chicken-ness?

I tried to get a group shot...this was the best I could do. Chickens are faster than you think!
The Rochester City Chicken Club, of which I am a proud member, was featured in our local paper recently. Read about it here.

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