Monday, August 18, 2008


You can take my car, my computer, my TV (if I had one), heck, even my wallet (not really!). But not my bike! I have a bad history of bikes being stolen, and each time I have learned from the previous theft. But this most recent time really gets me. The first time, it was stolen from the parking garage next to my workplace. The solution? Bring my bike up and put it in a storage area (thanks to my very bike-friendly supervisor). The second (and third) times, it was stolen from my own garage, which had a bum lock. The solution? Fix the damn lock (yes, I'm a slow learner sometimes).

This, the fourth time? It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, my partner and/or I had been outside in the backyard nearly all day, and the garage door was open since we were going in and out of it to get tools for gardening and chicken-keeping related work. Our bikes were in the garage, not visible from the driveway, unlocked.

Thinking that no one would ever dare come into our yard while we were home, with lots of visibility from adjoining lots where other neighbors were around doing their own yard work, we didn't worry about the bikes. When we came outside after a half hour inside, both our bikes were gone. As we looked around, we realized that they had come through our neighbor's back yard, trampling the fence, and into our garage. There was a small kid-sized bike abandoned in the neighbor's front yard.

We think they were looking for bikes and were tipped off by the bike rack on our car in the driveway. We always close and lock the garage when we're not home, but I never would have thought someone would be so bold to come into our yard and garage when we're obviously home. Several of our neighbors who can see our backyard were in and out all day, but somehow the thieves found this window of opportunity.

Funny, I grew up in a small town where most people never locked their houses or cars or garages. There were a lot of not-so-great things about growing up there, but that level of trust is something I really miss. Obviously I need to be a lot more distrustful...we are already discussing solutions to prevent this type of theft.

Anyway, that's my bike above, before the existing fenders were added, and my partner's was a GT Nomad, silver-grey, with fenders, kick stand, water bottle holder, and front pack.
Well, I was planning on getting a second bike this year, but now I'll just get ANOTHER first bike. It's hard to believe, though, how attached I was to that bike. I don't believe in heaven and hell, but there should be a special hell for bike thieves.

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