Saturday, August 16, 2008

Billie is a Billy

See that? That, my friends, is a rooster (the one with the hairdo, of course). A rooster who was seriously trying to boss the hens around, a rooster who made a pathetic crow one day last week, a rooster that my family and I were really fond of, a rooster that is now back at the farm to live out his days and boss the hens around out there.

And that, although blurry, is a hen on the Billie 2. A little younger than Billy 1, she is very mellow, and Ella and Sarah accepted her pretty quickly.  (Just to clear up any confusion, roosters aren't necessary for hens to lay one of my lesbian chicken-keeping friends said, "You ovulate every month without a man, right?"  And given the whole crowing at dawn thing, roosters aren't allowed in city...even if they were, I wouldn't do that to my neighbors.)

Now that...I don't know what the hell that is. Some nasty disease that has wiped out my tomato plants...anyone else know?

And this is one evening's worth of garden harvest for the day...with the tomatoes sparse and the beans not quite in full season, there's not a lot right now.

But, the collards and Swiss chard are doing well, and I planted my fall garden a few weeks ago...I already have beets, cabbage, hardy lettuce, and Brussels sprouts coming up. And pretty soon, I'll have eggs to go along with the veggies!

But I'll still miss Billy 1.

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