Friday, June 13, 2008

Tomatoes, anyone?

Or perhaps a carrot? That adorable carrot is DD, with her good friend, who spent a couple of hours dancing and screaming at passing cars, "Come to the South Wedge Farmers Market!" "Fresh local produce!" What great kids!

Meanwhile, I'd offered to buy DS some fresh veggies, and he said he wanted some tomatoes.'s fresh, LOCAL produce. So I explained to him that it's not tomato season yet. He was more than happy with the strawberries, though.

Point is, if it's not tomato season in Rochester, I don't buy fresh tomatoes. I freeze and can a bunch in late summer and when those are gone, they're gone. We find something else from the freezer or pantry or farmers market.

I'm not a food scientist. But Homegrown Evolution's thoughts about the origins of the salmonella outbreak seem pretty plausible. Industrial agriculture, shipping tomatoes across the country, industry influence on the FDA...makes sense to me.

There'll be plenty of tomatoes come August. For now, have some strawbabies.

And spread the word, will ya?

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