Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strawbaby Season

A year ago, I wrote about sending my oldest off to college. Today, he came by to pick up his mending and take it back to his very own apartment. Nevertheless, I can't imagine seeing the first strawberries of the season and NOT remembering the year when he was four and called them "strawbabies."

(I could complain about the mending, but I finally understand why parents do things like that for their adult children; they'll only accept nurturing in certain forms, so we get it in where we can.)

One child out of the nest, strawbabies in. This looks like it will be the first year that I will get some strawberries from my own garden. Critters have always gotten to them before me. This year, just when I saw they were turning red (about a week ago), I covered them with garden fabric (available from Gardeners Supply).

And today I got my first ones...only 3, but there are more to come.

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