Sunday, June 8, 2008

My kind of air conditioning

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who said that every time it gets really hot (as it has been this week...94 and humid), one of her relatives calls and offers for her to bring the kids and come and sit in her air conditioning. My friend remarked that she and her family chose not to have AC, and she wanted her relative to know that she's doing just fine, thank you very much.

Her story was a good reminder for me. I can become very cranky in the heat. But I too choose not to have AC at home, and this week I reacquainted myself with some of my methods of coping. Method number 1--get in the water.

There are a couple of great places to rent kayaks in Rochester. Today we checked out Bay Creek Paddling Center. The staff were friendly and helpful, the kayaks were stable and comfortable, and the wildlife was extremely cooperative.

I'm not sure what T. was looking at here. We heard or saw the following birds: red-winged blackbirds, kingbirds, kingfishers, common yellowthroat, yellow warblers, mallards, black ducks, red-tailed hawk, mourning doves, several mute swans (pictured above) and a few more I couldn't identify.

We bought a frequent paddler card, which will pay off if we use it just two more times. We will probably also buy a season pass to Genesee Waterways Center, in Genesee Valley Park, just a short 2 mile bike ride from our house. I'll post more about that center next time we go. Those two passes will still be cheaper than the cost to buy and run an air conditioner, and it's a lot better for us and the climate.

So I've vowed not to complain about the heat this year. Being connected to the seasons is an important reality check in our culture, in which artificial climate controls in our cars, houses, and workplaces are leading to a real climate that's out of control.

Share your favorite cooling off trick in the comments...(if you don't have a blogger account, just click on "Anonymous" can sign your name in the post of your comment if you want.)

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Doodlebug said...

Hi! I've enjoyed stopping by your blog this morning (I followed you from your Berlin's Whimsy comment). Thanks for the reminder about the harmful climate effects of the AC. We live in upstate New York too and have been suffering through the heat wave. I've been running the window unit in my son's room and thinking too selfishly about the harmful effects on our moods and personal hygiene rather than on its effects on the environment. We'll try to keep close to water this summer and get our bikes ready for long summer rides.


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