Friday, June 27, 2008

Early summer haiku


The only way to catch up is with a haiku:

Berries. Soap-making
Peas. Urban farming. Chickens.
Life overflowing.

And some pictures

Above is my take from a great day of Urban Farm borage and Egyptian onions, foraged grape leaves and wild garlic. I went back the next day and got more grape leaves and some wonderful shadberries.

And that would be 70 bars of soap, made with JoBeth, mom, fuel cell engineer, and urban homesteader extraordinaire, as well as wife to Outback Brad. They're curing in my garage sale green house, since that's the only place where I had enough shelf space.

The girls can now fly a bit and are able to get into their more cat carrier for them!

And my favorite carrot (and daughter), helping me encourage people to join our South Wedge Farmers Market Friends of the Market Campaign.

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Heather said...

You're doing wonderful things! I want to link to you, hope that's okay.


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