Sunday, June 15, 2008

Call me chicken mama

The babies are finally home!

Meet Billie (the black one--her breed is Polish), Sarah (gold/red--a Rhode Island Red), and Ella (brown--Aracauna).

We got them not only for their looks, but also for the variety of color of eggs. Billie will lay white eggs; Sarah, brown; and Ella, turquoise. However, it will be a few months before they do anything other than run around the ground in search of good weeds and bugs, that is, except when they're sleeping huddled together.

Here's their whole set-up. We brought them home in the cat carrier, and Jim from Natureberry Farm recommended we keep it out for them to sleep in at night for a little extra warmth. They're too little to climb into the hutch part of the coop just now.

(By the way, if you're local and looking for chicks, Jim is just about the nicest person ever, and he takes great care of them. We paid for them a couple of weeks ago to make sure we got some, and he kept them for us until they were old enough to be out of the brooder.)

Anyway, the umbrella is a regular beach umbrella for shade, and the coop/run is this one from McMurray Hatchery. It was relatively easy to put together and it seems like it will work well.

In another post I'll answer the burning question, "Why chickens?" For now, enjoy the babies. And there are more pictures at my Flickr set.

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Nahoko said...

Seriously? Turquois eggs?


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